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Chemical Peels

Whether the result of the sun, hereditary factors or simply the act of aging, chemical peels cause damage or dead skin to simply fall away, allowing new, smoother skin to regenerate and replace it with healthy, vibrant skin. Used to treat the arms, hands, legs, face, neck, and chest, we offer 3 types of chemical peels in varying degrees of strength:

  • Alpha Hydoxy Acid (AHA): Great for dry, damaged skin. Adds hydration and new skin turn-over.
  • Beta hydroxyl Acid (BHA): Works on turning your damaged skin to healthy skin in one treatment.
  • Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA): A medium strength chemical peel.

Millions of people have chemical peels every year. They can be performed in conjunction with other treatments such as the microdermabrasion or enhanced by laser treatments. Chemical peels take from as little as 15 minutes to, typically, no more than an hour. Makes for a great lunch time procedure.