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Eternity Med Spa Yelp Reviews

Eternity Med Spa Yelp ReviewsThis review is for my second treatment for under arms at Eternity Med Spa, which will be my 8th treatment overall b/c I had six treatment at another place that needed touchup.  

Between my first and second treatment here I noticed no results, the hair did not fall out or grow back thinner.  I brought this to the esthetician attention during my second appointment and she increased the setting on the laser machine, which did produce more noticeable results within days.  I noticed my underarm hair didn't grow back immediately as it did before after the first treatment. With the increase setting on the machine I did noticed some sensation during treatment, it feels like being flicked with a rubber band.  However that is expected during treatment and for sensitive folks like myself take 2 ibuprofen before or after treatment to manage the discomfort.

Overall the staff are wonderful, they call a day before and gave a courtesy reminder of the appointment.  They also worked with me when an unexpected obligation came up and I needed to reschedule, they were able to squeeze me in that same day.

Eternity Med Spa Yelp ReviewsI've been coming here since Tara and Angie were running the place, and while I was initially hesitant about the staff change I haven't noticed any major changes. I have PCOS and as a result have some issues with hirsutism, and this place has been a life saver for me. All of the people who I've worked with have been very knowledgeable and helpful, and when I had some minor skin issues after my last appointment, they took my feedback into consideration for my next appointment. Reasonably priced and clean! I'll also note that I live hundreds of miles away, and I come back here every time I'm in town because of the great job they do. There might be places that are slightly closer, but I really enjoy the service that I get here.

Eternity Med Spa Yelp ReviewsIt was my first time at a skin spa and was quite scared as well as skeptical. I'm a 31 bi-racial woman and went in to see if they could help me get rid of some cystic acne scars that come up over the last few months. Going from having flawless skin to having huge dark ugly spots in random areas of my face was devastating!. I met with RN Summer and she went over the process with incredible detail as well as care. I felt welcomed and most of all cared for. I was not looked at as $$ as many other consultations seem. After she explained the procedure I felt ready to go and more confident about my decision than I ever had before. The service was amazing, pleasant and I definitely have a Spa that I can call "mine" for life!

I went in for the Pixel Laser treatment. I am also an ex smoker and spent much of my 20's having fun in the sun! From the river, snow sports, out door sports ie. After my treatment, my skin was red and a bit sensitive to the touch (sunburn like) but the overall procedure was painless. I loved how summer took her time with me and was thorough.

Looking forward to seeing the end results of Summer's work. So far I am already seeing results my skin is looking more even, lively, and smoother after day 2 post treatment. I am excited to get back into modeling and will be coming to visit Eternity for all my skin and beauty maintenance needs. Feels great to find an awesome place with people I can trust!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Eternity Med Spa!

Eternity Med Spa Yelp ReviewsI love and adore this spa..  Today was my third visit and each time I've been in,  there is nobody else there except (and not even necessarily) the previous appointment exiting,  or if you are on your way out,  the next appointment coming in!  They do not engage in the process of overlooking.  This place is uber profesh ;)  
the waiting room is neat,  clean and odorned in a beachy spa chic motif but as I said,  you won't be waiting long.  They do juvederm,  botox,  laser hair removal,  and some other anti aging treatment's.  The rates are comparable.  In fact so comparable that I drive 100 miles each way to specifically come here.

Eternity Med Spa Yelp ReviewsCame here for my first Botox treatment recently.  I was nervous, but the nurse Summer was great and made me feel totally comfortable.  She really knew her stuff, listed off all the facial muscle groups, and walked me through the whole process to make sure I got the results I wanted.

The procedure itself was weird but gentle at the same time.  She gave me fair warning before poking me, which I appreciated, and it hurt as little as sticking a needle into your forehead can hurt.  Overall, a simple, painless experience.  

Now for the results...  LOVE IT!  My wrinkles disappeared with a relatively low dose of Botox, and I'm still able to move the muscles and it looks amazing.  Thank you Summer!  I'll definitely be back to see you soon.